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Welcome to the Sandollar Motorcycle club web site.  We are the premier AMA Click here for AMA website chartered street riding club on the Northwest Florida Gulf Coast.  Our club members have been enjoying fun motorcycle activities in the southeastern U.S. for over a quarter century. For additional info call our Club President Robert Woods 850-797-3467 or our club Vice-President Sam Engler 850-244-0376 or write to us at:

Sandollar Motorcycle Club
P.O. Box 491
Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32549
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Come Help Our Club Celebrate
Our 43rd Year Of Riding Together!
1980 - 2023

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We meet and ride every Sunday. Join us at Good Things Donuts for breakfast (625 Eglin Pkwy NE, Ft. Walton Beach, FL). just south of where Racetrack Road and Eglin PKWY meet. We ride promptly at 9 AM. most Sundays. Check the calendar below to confirm the times. Our regular club business meetings are held the first Sunday of every month (except holidays) at the Golden Corral #642, 414a, Mary Esther Cut Off NW, Ft Walton Beach, FL 32548 starting 9 AM. Anyone with a valid motorcycle license and a street legal two or three wheeled conveyance, that can do highway speeds, is encouraged to join our club.We are very safety conscious. Anyone riding with us has to wear a motorcycle helmet and no alcohol is allowed on our rides (after the ride is a different story).

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The June Calendar is here. Updated May 11, 2023


The July Calendar is here. Updated June 6, 2023
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These are folks that have helped us out and we want to thank them for all their support!

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Some of our Members took a trip to Key West in January 2022. Click here. Reflections On Three Years as a Sandie by Jim W. Click here.


The Sand Dollar Motorcycle Club Bunny Run is Canceled



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The Grand Tour Patch

Need an excuse to go for a ride?

Then give The Sandollar Motorcycle Club

International Grand Tour a try!

5 Sandollars completed the Grand Tour on November 11, 2016. Read about it here.

Check out some Grand Tour stories with pictures:

Special note to the Sandollars: Club members that attend SKILLS will accrue DOUBLE Road Dawg MILEAGE for that day!

Some of the funds we collect during our Charity Poker Runs help the folks at Elder Services.

Click here to read their thank you letter for our 2017 donation to them. (requires a .PDF viewer)

Check out the Sandollar Motorcycle Club & Friends doing the Ultimate Bike Bonding - Circle Weave Exercise June 9, 2019

Check out the Sandollar Motorcycle Club Member "Mac" doing the Ultimate
Bike Bonding - Circle Weave Exercise June 9, 2019

Check out the Sandollar Motorcycle Club & Friends doing the Ultimate Bike Bonding - U-Turn & S-Curve Exercise June 9, 2019

Sandollar Motorcycle Club Skills with M2 doing the entire course
February 24, 2019

Check out the Sandollar Motorcycle Club's SKILLS exercise on
November 26, 2017

Check out the Sandollar Motorcycle Club's SKILLS exercise on
October 15, 2017

Check out the Sandollar Motorcycle Club's SKILLS exercise on
October 18, 2020

Check out our other videos on the Sandollar Club YouTube Channel

The Sandollar's and Friends did the Ultimate Bike Bonding Course on June 9, 2019 -More Videos are available if you click this link!


Steven Gardinier

Click here to read Steve's story

Sandies, a cautionary tale of just how fast it can change out on that great big Roadway we all ride.

It is a very good read by Regi (AUGUST 2016)

Click here (.PDF viewer required)

A fun story from Murphy's Garage!

Click here

Our Spectre Steve gave a tour at the Hurlburt Air Park in February 2014

Check out his Youtube videos at

The AC-130


Joejoe put together some clips of some classic circa 2006-2009 SKILLS exercises ( March 2012 )

Lee M's son has a blog

Check it out here

Motorcycle Basics for Keener than Average Persons

or Motorcycling is not for Dummies

by Motorcycle Michael

Click here to read his article

To see what we have been up to over the years try entering our archive.

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Hey Sandollars!

Have you tried the Sandollar Motorcycle Club Lighthouse Tour yet?.

To find out all about it, click here.

Our favorite Georgia Son - Tim Murphy completed a solo Lighthouse Tour the day after Christmas 2016.

Click here to read about his ride.

Club Pictures and Videos

To see some club photos and graphics click here.

To see some club videos by Joejoe on Youtube click here.

To see club members and their new bikes click here.

To see most club members with their bikes click here.

If you see these folks say "Hi". They are some of our newest members. Click here.

Members sell their stuff!

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Sandollar Coins are now available here too! See coins here.

Have some links to motorcycle sites.




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NOTICE: Florida Motorcycle License Training Requirement Started July 1st 2008. Click here to find out about it.

The twisties - not the superslabs - separate the riders from the Wanna Bees.

More Biker Aphorisms (sayings) can be found here.

In Memory of Pat

Gone but not forgotten

In Memory of Jim

He will always be remembered

In Memory of Sharon

She is deeply missed by all.

In Memory of Jeremy

He left us too early.

In Memory of Phil

He is taking his final nap.

In Memory of Charles

Charles was a fun guy to be around

and he is missed by the Sandies.

In Memory of Ricky

Our brother in the wind

We will miss his friendship deeply

In Memory of Don

Our friend Smiley

is in a better place.

In Memory of Harry

His infectious smile

will be missed by all.


In Memory of Dave

Another Brother has left us too soon.

Say "Hello" to Elvis for us.


In Memory of Terry

Missing is crazy ways.

Click here for his letter to the club


In Memory of Shaaron

We will miss your smiling face and crazy humor.

Try not to give the angels too much laughter.



In Memory of Lee

We miss you and will always remember you.




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