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Some people ride their motorcycles to the Sonic, hang out awhile, and ride home ... but I've decided to ride my Goldwing GL1800 to each of the 4 geographic corners of the US. I've dubbed the ride 4 Corners 4 Kids & will use my new blog site gypsyjudge.com to raise awareness of and contributions for 4 child-focused charities - Kids House, a Child Advocacy Center; Habitat for Humanity; Ronald McDonald House; and Shriners Hospitals for Children.
The blog will have hyper-links to each charity so people can go there for more info and to make donations. I won't be taking pledges or money. The blog is up, but doesn't have any pixs yet. I've also set up a personal Face Book page and a community page - 4 corners 4 kids. In spite of my introverted preferences, I'm working to generate some internet interest in the ride, so feel free to share the sites.
I'll leave from Pensacola on June 3rd, 2011 heading west to San Ysidro, Ca; then north to Blaine, Wa; east to Madawaska, Maine; and south to Key West. It's about 12,000 miles & I figure it'll take around 6 weeks. Yeah, I know that means I ride thru South Florida the end of Jul - hot, humid, bugie July. But maybe that's better than riding in the snow in May... Wonder how many Sonics I'll pass? If you have any ideas of how to expand the publicity, please let me know. And of course, if you know a road I absolutely must take - let me know! My route is flexible - my time line is limited because my dog Grace has to stay in the kennel. I look forward to getting on the road & hopefully you'll find it interesting to follow my journey through gypsyjudge.com

See some of her photos from her ride at Photobucket: http://s1141.photobucket.com/albums/n595/gypsyjudge/


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