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We are blessed with a lot of Lighthouses in Florida. So the few Sandies that have one or two brain cells left came up with Sand Dollar Lighthouse Grand Tour.

We have a neat patch, oh the Patch is free to current Sandies.

The Rules are very easy, they were so easy that even Backhoe got it. Okay, you have to visit all the Lighthouses in the Panhandle of Florida. When we go National as an AMA Grand Tour, we will modify that requirement. There are currently Six Lighthouses along the Florida Coast, you have to visit at least Five and one of the five must be the St Marks Lighthouse. Then you have visit another Lighthouse in Florida, not the one you skipped. You have to submit a photo to include your Bike at each Lighthouse. A small write-up would be appreciated, but not necessary. Now you can skip all of this and get a picture of you and your Bike at the Dry Tortugas Lighthouse and that will suffice for you to get The Patch.

For those Sandies living elsewhere you have to get Six pictures of you and your bike at a Lighthouse Object i.e. Lighthouse Church, Lighthouse Bar etc. Just take the pictures and send it in. Now you could take a picture of your bike with an inland light on a river or lakes in the background They could nay number of Aids to Navigation, just remember bike in the picture with you preferably is required. So go out and visit those Lighthouse’s, below is a very good url for Florida Lighthouse’s

Click here to read Marks Lighthouse Story

St Mark's Lighthouse

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