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(April 8, 2012)

by SpectreSteve

Some head out on Easter morning to find the Easter Eggs. Laid by a bunny? OK, if you say so.

Some go to the ball park at dawn to celebrate the Rising.

Some spend it in church.

The Sandies spend it in our own special "church". Once again M2 pulled out the event that is becoming an annual Sandie outing. We all gathered along the roadway to Pensacola NAS for our learning experience and to open our eyes to new things. Namely, the ARC, or Military Sportbike Rider Course.

Once only privy to the Military, now adapted by the MSF, due largely to the work of our intrepid Sensei, Michael.

Now let me tell you, we don't worship him but we do hold him in mighty esteem. He talks the Navy into letting mere civilians take our turn on their great course at Corry Station. Free of charge I may add. Now some pay lots of money, up to around $90 to do this on the civilian side. But us Sandies get it for FREE!! Now that's worth the thirty bucks a year all by itself!

Today, while others were attending their respective churches, we attended ours. We do all we can to learn and pass on our learning’s. The Rider Coaches in our midst have their own "Bible". Sort of. It's the MSF handbook they pass on to us and even suggest improvements to it. Some of which become national teachings.

Today was near perfect. 15 Sandies attended the teachings. We rode round and round till we were dizzy, used the C.O.W. so much I mooed on the way home. We found out we can do better than when we came in. Of course, that last is the whole point.

What better teachers than fellow Sandies? We owe much thanks to M2, HondaWanda, Mac and others who take the time to teach handling techniques, both fast and slow.

I for one enjoy the monthly skills and attend every one I can. When it comes to this course, I make it a point to be available. If you can at all possibly make it then you will find more enjoyment in riding! Learn quicker stopping, faster, smoother, turning and the life saving swerve!

Now you can almost bet there will be another course offered next year. Unless of course the Sandie Rider Coaches come up with something even better to share with the Sandies and the world. Thanks to all of our Rider Coaches and especially the ones who took time off on Easter Sunday to teach us.

M2 doing the peanut exercise demo

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