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The Sandollar M/C has been active since 1980 and is the only AMA chartered recreational riding club in northwest Florida. We host one poker run each year and all proceeds benefit local charities that provide services for the elderly and families in need in our community. The Sandollar Motorcycle Club is very fortunate to have great partnerships with businesses that support our motorcycle community and our poker runs are sponsored by those local business. Because of continued sponsorships from local businesses, we are able to use poker run proceeds to provide Christmas and Meals on Wheels for the clients of Elder Services and donate to Sharing & Caring centers throughout Okaloosa County. Elder Services of Okaloosa County has been in operation since 1971 and provides dependable quality support services and continuum of care for those senior adults living alone or experiencing increasing frailty. The focus is helping the seniors maintain their dignity and independence in their own residence. Sharing & Caring is a local non-profit established in 1982 that provides essential services to the less fortunate. Weekly lunches are served as well as home pantry baskets distributed to those community neighbors who are in need and assistance provided for essential services necessary for survival. We have supported Sharing & Caring for nearly 28 years and over the course of that time have donated nearly $37,000 to the local food bank.


We welcome riders of all experience levels and all different makes of motorcycles. If it has 2 or 3 wheels, can travel highway speeds, and can be operated safely then it (and you) will fit right in. We don’t care what you ride, but that you ride. We ride just about every weekend; sometimes we have a particular destination in mind, often times it is just to ride. If it is a great motorcycle road in the area, chances are good that the Sandies have traveled it coming and going. And we love to eat; if the place serves good food and a hot cup of coffee, we’ll go visit. Often times the lines are blurred and it is hard to determine if we are a motorcycle club with an eating addiction or an eating club with a motorcycle addiction. Most of our members do not know the meaning of putting the bike up for the winter as we ride year-round. Since 2000, we have ridden over 1.5 Million miles as a club. Motorcycle safety has always been a top priority for us. Club rules are simple “be safe and have fun while doing it.” We are very fortunate that some of the best MSF Rider Coaches in the area are members of the Club and when we hold our monthly Skills Sunday, they are there to provide coaching and assistance as needed. Our Skills Sundays are great fun and low key as we spend the morning in the parking lot practicing those skills that may save our life on the road and sharpening our safety awareness. We urge all to remember that motorcycle skills, especially those used in an emergency situation, are diminishing skills and will only stay as sharp as the frequency they are practiced and used. Speaking of emergency, have you heard about Accident Scene Management, Inc.? ASMI certified instructors teach Bystander Assistance Programs. The program is directed toward the assessment and treatment of the injured as well as how to safely administer care and handle traffic control at the scene of any crash, but specifically geared toward motorcycles. Often times, the first person at the scene of a crash is another rider. Many of the Sandies have gone through the Bystander Assistance Program and know how to take control at the scene of a crash until professional responders arrive.


What does it mean to be a Sandie? It means you will be riding with a group of like-minded friends that care about you, friends that are concerned with the safety of the group at all times. It means you will be riding with a group of friends you can count on to take care of you and your bike if all goes wrong and Murphy’s Law says it will at some point. Ask any member what it means to be a Sandie and you will hear it means you will become family. We have been an active motorcycle club and riding together since 1980; we must be doing something right. For more information about the Club and to see our ride schedule, visit us at or find us on Facebook

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Last revised: June 20, 2022
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