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Sandollar Club Members take laps around Barber Motorsports Park track during the 2015 Vintage Festival on October 10, 2015

Terry H. has a video of the laps too! Click here to view it on YouTube

Again the Sandies show just how much they pay it forward. Because of the increased need at Elder Services this year (2014). The folks at Elder Services asked if we could adopt more clients, even though it would mean we would have to dig deeper . There was absolutely no hesitation on the part of The Sandollars. Besides all the Riding, average 12 to 15 thousand miles a year, we truly take care of the Elderly and the clients of Sharing Caring. Being a Sandollar, it don’t get any better. Without the support of our Fantastic Sponsors in 2014, Racetrack Powersports, Cheeseburgers in Paradise we couldn't’t have done it, Thank You so much.


DJ's Thunderbird Adventure (June 2014 )

Read her story here

Our John B. made a movie of one of our SKILLS exercises on March 30th, 2014

The Sandie Spiral of Death

Also check out Spectre Steve here: http://youtu.be/fV2F4f52WY0 and Sean W. here: http://youtu.be/ONipSlaxtlo

The Sandollars Won The 2nd Annual Heritage Cycles Chili Cook-Off on February 22, 2014!

Our illustrious chili chef "The Goose" beat all the competition and came in as Number 1 for the best chili there.

Our July Aunt Bee Dinner Ride was Awesome!

(Saturday July 20, 2013)

Read Sandie John's story here.

Mark F. does 1032 miles in one day!

(Friday July 12, 2013)

Read his story here.

Terry H. and Dave M. complete their 1st Grand Tour on May 15, 2013!

Read their story and see pictures here.

Goose, Alex and Mad Dawg complete a Grand Tour in One Day!

Read their story and see pictures here.

The Sandollar Do Skills on Sundays

Check out the November 14th, 2012 HD movie of one of our exercise here

(just select the HD option to see it in HD)

Our own Debbie L. had an adventure on the road [September 9-15, 2012]

Check her daily updates out. Click here.

Sandie John wrote about the Merits of a Motorcycle Windshield

Read his article here.

The Sandollar's Take A Run At Arkansas Roads

For The 2012 Annual Reunion Tour (12-17 May 2012)

Click here to read all about it and view some pictures too!

Spectre Steve tells all about our Easter Adventure on April 8, 2012

Click here to read all about it and view some videos too!

Spectre Steve shoots a movie of our SKILLS ride on March 18, 2012

Goose goes to Kentucky State HOG Rally and Makes His Mark as a Turkey Rider (June 2011)

Read his story here

Judge Laura does the 4 corners of the U.S. for Charity this Summer!

She starts June 3rd, 2011

Click here to find out more

The Sandollars did their annual Burnt Corn, AL ride on May 28th, 2011

Dave and Geoge Race Toilets!

March 26, 2011

Check out Dave and George racing motorized Toilets in Alabama. Guess who cheated!

See them on Youtube: Click here

Mary W. put together a cool motorcycle video

Click here to check it out [19MB WMV file]


The Saturday Museum Ride

July 24, 2010

Check out Sam at the Model Train Museum in Foley Alabama

See on Youtube: Click here and here


July 11, 2010

Watch the Sandollars do the "Flying Squirrel" at Skills for the first time!

See on Youtube: Click here and here

See the Swerve and Keyhole exercises too.

See on Youtube: Click here

Read all about the 2009 Low Road Tour [6-8 November, 2009]

Click here to read the stories and see the pictures

Dave put together a Movie of the Low Road Tour [6-8 November, 2009]

Watch for the silly George pop-ins.

Movie (may require Apple Quicktime): Click here to view The Low Road Movie [11MB .MOV file]

The 2009 Sandollar Reunion Tour That Almost Wasn't [July 18, 2009]

Click here to read all about it

Our intrepid member Laura has a story to tell about riding gear [July 11, 2009]

Click here

The Sandies do the "Super ERC" on April12, 2009

Click here

The Mitchell tells us about Pride [April 2009]

Click here

Dennis had fun at Skills on Sunday December 28, 2008

Movie (may require Apple Quicktime): Click here to view Dennis having fun [10MB .MOV file]

Watch Tim and his 1958 Lambretta skoot around the "Small" box during our November 9th, 2008 Skills day.

Tim skooting around the "small" box [16.1MB .AVI file]

If left clicking on link above does not work, try right clicking and select "Save target as".

The Sandollars climbed the Pensacola Lighthouse to take in the view on November 8, 2008, check out!

A little movie from the top of the lighthouse on a beautiful Autumn day [18.6MB .AVI file]

If left clicking on link above does not work, try right clicking and select "Save target as".

The Great Annual 2008 Low Road Tour.

October 31 -November 2, 2008

Club members spin their tales here.

The Sandollars take a trip to Tennessee to do the Dragon and the Snake

during the Reunion Tour!

19-23 June 2008

Click here to read all about it.

Click here to see some pictures .WMV movie (19.5MB)

Mike, Sandy, Paco and Chris do the BOX at the same time during SKILLS!

May 2008

Click here to view the .AVI movie (14MB)

Paco Goes Round The Big Bend!

March 2008

Read his account and see some pictures here.

The Sandollars Take the Challenge!

February 2008

Read about the Sandollars ride to view the police motorcycle competition called "TheCapital City Challenge" in Tallahassee, Florida.

Click here to check their stories out.

The Sandollars ride in search for the "Worlds' Best Fried Chicken"

from November 30th to December 1st, 2007

Click here to read Wheet's story of the "Chicken Run Tour de Ville" 1.2MB .PDF file

Click here to read some more stories about this ride!

Click here to see a bunch of pictures from this ride!

Check out Paco and Chris doing Skills on August 12, 2007

Click here to see Paco 3.8MB .AVI file

Click here to see Chris 4.8MB .AVI file

The Sandies Did an Iron Butt Saddle Sore 1000 Mile Ride April 21, 2007

Click here to read some of their stories and see some pictures

Watch Dennis, Joejoe and Paco Play in the Box at Skills March 11, 2007

Movie: Click here to view Dennis, Joejoe and Paco in the Box [3.4MB .MOV file]

Watch Wheet Play at Skills July 9, 2006

Movie: Click here to view Wheet messing with Tennis balls [18MB .AVI file]

Movie: Click here to view Wheet messing up a lot [9MB .AVI file]

From January 16th to February 1st, 2004 some of the Sandollar Members trained

to become Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Coaches

Click here to read a Running Journal of Sandollar Ridercoach Candidates with pictures

"The Low Road Tour 2003" (9-12 October)

A roadtrip to Louisiana and the Natchez Trace, MS

Click here to read the story with pictures

Updated February 5, 2004

Read about SPECTRE STEVE's and PACO's Trip to the 2003 Motorcycle Jubilee.

(Or: How I Found An Acre Of Gold Wings)

Just click here for Steve's story and pictures.

Updated September 20, 2003

Read about Sidehack's (Steve W's) Trip to Ohio via the Gap.

Just click here for his story and pictures.

Updated July 31, 2003


Sandollar Terror Victims Attempt Revenge!

Click here for full story and pictures.

Updated April 23, 2002

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