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Rules of Ye Old "Coin."

If ye have been given a Coin by a Guild or Organization, or hast procured, purloined, or otherwise laid hold of an Organizational "Coin."; Then these Rules of the Realm Apply:

I. A "Coin Check" consists of a challenge and a response.

II. The challenge is issued by drawing thy Coin and placing it firmly on the bar or table. This act shall make a sound to be heard by all being challenged. It is not permitted to leave a lasting mark on the bar or table. This is a crime most heinous.

III. Those challenged must respond in like manner by drawing and displaying their Coin.

IV. If thou art challenged and canst reply in kind, thou must stand a round of "spirits" for ye challenger and those challenged who responded properly.

V. If thee challenge and all challenged respond in proper manner, thou must stand a round of "spirits" for all.

VI. Failure to stand a round of "spirits" is a crime most foul and wilst require ye to return thy "Coin" to the guild from wenst it came; for sucha despicable act thou wilst suffer shame and humiliation from thy peers until all memory of it fades from their mind.


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Last revised: November 13, 2005
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