No remorse was shown on Sunday, the day of the murder!

Members of the Sandollar Motorcycle club were found guilty of murder in the first degree.  A large contingent of club members met on Sunday to commit the premeditated mass murder.  The carnage was so great, an accurate body count may never be possible.  As of today the count is estimated to be in the hundreds. Relatives of the Traffic Cone family have been notified and memorial services are pending.

No remorse was shown by any of the offending Sandollar Club members. They committed this unspeakable crime in a public place with no intention of hiding their actions. Poor defenseless Traffic Cones were forced to stand in a Fort Walton beach parking lot while the murderers tortured them first by barely missing them with their motorcycles. The motorcycles were then used to actually run the Cones over as the Sandollar Members laughed about the sound made as the Cones died (Scrush and Thwock).

The judge had very little decision making to do when the Sandollar Motorcycle Club March 2000 newsletter article was brought to light. The article titled "Cone Killers-Unite" not only condoned the act of murdering of innocent Cones it also encouraged the terrible act by giving detailed instructions on how to do it for competition. Club members also took photos of the murderers in action and published them on their web site.

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