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The Sandollar Creed

By M2

(Image by Joejoe)

"Sunrise on a motorcycle trip is a magically peaceful time. You can feel the warmth grow around you with the light. The sun begins to make good on the promise of beautiful weather and suddenly, instead of wanting to turn around and go home, I couldn’t think of anywhere on earth I’d rather be. Even the smells change with daybreak. Riding through towns, large and small, where people are starting their day by having breakfast at Waffle house or Mom & Pop’s cafe. We ride by, inconsequential as ghosts, and we smell the bacon and eggs, the waffle on the side with maple syrup, and always the coffee aroma, floating in the background like a bass-note. We ride on, chasing the sunrise line at over a hundred feet per second and the nameless people get on with their day, never knowing they shared a little bit of it with us."

Last revised: October 1, 2012
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