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Sandollar terror victims attempt revenge.

Members of the Sandollar Motorcycle Club have been terrorizing the residents of Coneville again. This is the second documented incident of this type attributed to the Sandollars. The previous incident led to several murder convictions.(see  
While hiding from the terrorists an anonymous photographer was able to catch the Sandollars at their worst. Last weekend the "Gang" rode into Coneville on their big motorcycles and reeked havoc through the neighborhoods of this quiet little hamlet. As the motorcyclists rode at great speed toward any Coneville resident unlucky enough to be out on the street, the Sandollar leader was yelling directions to kill the poor cone victims.
The terrorists zoomed around Coneville aiming their deadly machines at their victims then swerving away at the last second.
Riding in a single file formation that the Sandollars called the "Terror Train" they ran through the retirement district. Two elderly Coneville residents were later hospitalized for sheer fright.
The residents of Coneville were so angry they even attempted revenge on one of the Sandollars' machines and two of their female members. The terrorists just laughed at the cone's puny attempt and promised to be back again soon to repay them for their transgression.

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