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I know this is a bit late, but what the heck, here goes anyway.

Please excuse the slowness you may have in reading this, as I am not able to type with both hands. (Apologies to Steve Martin) My right pinkie knuckle is not yet healed.

2019, and virtually every other year I've ridden with the “Ridingest Club Around” has been excellent.  Outside of old friends, new members, old roads and new, there have been some memorable times. 

We keep attracting new members, as well as embracing former members back to the fold.  Welcome all!

A couple of things I really enjoy are the Tuesday evening dinner rides. Sometimes familiar restaurants, sometimes new ones. All have had one great point. YOU other members who show up! I enjoy seeing every one of you for those 2 hours or so weekly.

Speaking of food---yes George we all like to meet and eat! The monthly supper rides during the summer are one more thing to enjoy! Typically, some members who cannot make the Tuesday feast will show for a monthly feeding! I personally don't care if someone shows up on 2, 3, or 4 wheels. Just getting together with members is always a good time.

Now a bit about some other activities we have:

The Accident Scene Management class (ASM) is probably, especially to me, one of the two most worthwhile things we have done. Being able to help a crash victim or a sick person on the side of the road is one of the most awesome things we can do. Knowing just the basics of care and scene management are very valuable things to know. You know we're doing it right when the first responders thank you for the help.

Another very valuable thing we do is skills. Practicing maneuvers in a safe, controlled environment is so much easier and safer than finding out in heavy traffic that you don’t know how to stop or swerve well enough to avoid hazards on the highway. Those of you who attend will be better bike handlers, no doubt about it.

Of course, the heart of any MC club is the membership. We are not a big club, but we have a membership other clubs envy. We have members who step up when needed. Our poker runs are becoming legendary when mentioned by other clubs. From our routes to our door prizes, they love the way we do it! Our members have implemented ways to improve the experience for riders and membership. What takes other clubs 3 or 4 hours or more to do we do in just two hours or less. From set up to tear down we have streamlined things to be better and better! In fact, other clubs who attend our events often ask if we can show them how to do theirs. Some even asked us to run their events for them or to join with them for an event. We are happy to tell them the secrets but have decided not to join them. We also surprise some by not participating in our own events as competitors. Definitely the “old school” way to do it.

Another thing about the membership that has impressed me personally is the willingness to help each other out. From moving to a new house, visiting disabled members or being there to help out when “stuff” happens, a Sandie member will likely be there with a helping hand. When a member is in the hospital you will probably see one or more Sandies there when you visit. No Sandie should be sitting in an emergency room alone. I personally can attest to that. A few years back, I was stuck in an Emergency Room 200 miles from home, I looked up and saw a Sand Dollar with me. Thanks Hippie John!

Recently I had the misfortune to be in a similar situation and when I looked, three Sandies were there. Later on, more stopped by. Now at home and recovering, one great Sandie, with a bag of items from my totaled bike, stopped in and helped me out quite a lot! Others have since stopped by, called or emailed. Thank you to all!

To sum up all of this, let me make it clear. The best reason I can think of to be riding with the Sandies is YOU! EVERY ONE OF YOU!

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Last revised: January 13, 2020
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