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Ron Js Grand Tour - February 2015.

My GrandTour ride.

I began my ride on a lovely saturday morning my first stop was Navarre, FL. Leaving there and

heading west I arrived in the town of Summerdale, AL. Departing there heading north and

farther west my next stop Daphne, AL. Then it is north again to the town of Atmore, AL.

But alas I was not to finish my tour this day due to a disagreeable stomach.

The next day feeling much better headed out on the next leg of the tour. My first stop this day

was Crestview, FL then on north to Laurel Hill, FL. I love the Laurel Hill PO sign “ LAUREL HILL

FLA POST OFFICE 32567” When was the last time you saw Florida abbreviated FLA? Leaving

there I headed on north to Opp, AL. Next was Andalusia, AL and then on to Red Level, AL. After

Red Level I set out for McDavid, FL and the end my GrandTour.

But wait I only have ten photos what is missing? I’m missing an L so it’s back on my motor and

head over to Lillian, AL where I take my eleventh photo and complete my GrandTour. It was a

real joy and I plan to do it again maybe this time with all towns in Florida.

Ron J

Navarre, FL

Summerdale, AL

Daphne, AL

Atmore, AL

Crestview, FL

Laurel Hill, FL

Opp, AL

Andalusia, AL

Red Level, AL

McDavid, FL

Lillian, AL

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